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About us

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We at Hawex Group LTD solve customer problems by directly addressing the shortcomings of existing banks.
We are always open to our clients and understand their businesses as well as they do.
  • High security system Each client has a personal manager who is familiar with the client's business and is immersed in its subject
  • Manager Additional services and advising In addition to banking, Hawex Group LTD provides legal and related services: one-stop approach in the customer journey.
  • Always online We prepare documents in the shortest possible time. Our IT-infrastructure is backed up to ensure no downtime at all.
  • Business process automation 90% of our business processes are fully automated. We query 3500 legal databases for KYC and get instant result.

Company provides affordable rates in such areas as online-stores, gambling processing, SEPA and SWIFT payments, crypto processing etc.
You can also count on guaranteed effective support from skilled and experienced specialists